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I have been needing a new pair of eyeglasses ever since I stepped on and broke my glasses a few months back. I wear contacts during the day, but at night or when my contacts have dried out my eyes beyond relief I turn to my glasses. After breaking my frames I resorted to an old pair of glasses which were a very old prescription. I do not endorse this!

When my husband and I got our eye exams we realized that we could only have a lens covered by insurance, after looking at prices on frames I just stuck with my contacts.

I came across this great program from Firmoo for first time customers! They have a program for everyone. If you are a blogger or video shooter then you can get a pair for absolutely Free!! Everyone else only pay shipping and they’re yours.

Some of the other sites that offer similar deals were a little intimidating because they wanted certain measurements…measure the length from your pupil to your nose or something. These glasses were sizes in small, medium, large. I know that I have a small head because I could always gravitate toward the children’s glasses and they would fit, so I knew I needed a small. They had many different styles to choose from and you could try them on the person with your facial shape on the side of the screen and see how they look. I was however hoping for my husband’s help in picking out my glasses but he had other things on his mind, so it was up to me.


I was really happy with the glasses I picked out, they came with 2 different cases as well, a soft and a hard case. They feel very well made. Even my Mother-in-law who is pretty designer savvy was like oooh what brand are those! They have really cheap glasses with frames starting at only $8.00, so after your initial first pair that is free it is still a great deal to stay with them as a customer.

Head over to Firmoo and see what all the fuss is about!! I love my glasses and the process was much more painless than the $300 it would have cost me at the eye doctor.


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  1. These look like great glasses.

  2. I like that the coat is machine washable.

  3. Vicky W says:

    I need new glasses pick me!

  4. omg the tail is adorable!

  5. thuy vu says:

    I need a new pair of sunglasses.


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