Ordering From the Blog

If you are interested in obtaining full uncut coupon inserts, the links for the shopping cart is on the Right Side of the Blog.

The coupons come in “sets” of Six. The coupons are Free. You are paying for the hours of time to collect, sort & mail them too you, along with paypal fees and shipping I am charged too. Orders for 2 or more sets are sent Priority Flat Rate. All orders are mailed to the Paypal Confirmed address, Unless it is accepted by me via email and you pay the delivery confirmation.

If you are interested in the Weekly or Monthly Plan – the information page is listed at the top of the blog with the other pages.. There is a button also located on the Right SIde of the Blog for the Weekly and Monthly Plan purchases.

Monthly & Weekly Plans ship on the Friday before instead of the Monday after.  This is for Regions 1 & 2 only.

For my organization purposes below is the regions and how I numbered them. Thanks.
Regions 1 thru 3 are Always available.
Regions 4 thru 8 are on a week by week basis when I can get them.

Region 1 is NJ (ie…SS1, RP1 & PG1)

Region 2 is CA (ie…SS2, RP2 & PG2)

Region 3 is TX (ie…SS3, RP3 & PG3)

Region 4 is NC (alternate) (ie…SS4, RP4 & PG4)

Region 5 is Open at the moment (ie…SS5, RP5 & PG5)

Region 6 is IL (ie…SS6, RP6 & PG6)

Region 7 is Open at the moment (ie…RP7, SS7 & PG7)

Region 8  is KS  (ie…SS8, RP8 & PG8)

If you have further questions please contact me via the form below