Monthly Orders – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How many inserts will I get?

That depends on the amount of inserts out each week.

The inserts are offered in Sets of 6 – You get 6 of each insert that comes out.

Example – If you subscribe to the One set of each insert Each week plan below is what you will receive.

If there are 2 inserts out (RP and SS) you get 12 inserts total.
If there are 3 inserts out (RP, SS and PG) you get 18 inserts total.

Will I get P&G or GM inserts too?

Yes, you will get the PG and GM inserts. The price for this is included in each plan pricing. If you sign up for the 1 set of each insert plan, you will get One set of each of these when available.

Do I have to live in the state the coupons are from?

NO! These are manufacturers coupons and can be used anywhere in the United States.

How much is shipping and what service do you use?

The shipping is already calculated in the subscription price. We ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping.

What if I dont receive my package?

You will be reshipped an order that does not arrive.  If tracking shows that it was delivered, then it is your responsibility to contact that post office.

Example: You ordered the 1/6 inserts…they dont come by the time 1/13 was due to be shipped. I will combine and ship additional 1/6 inserts with the 1/13 order.

What if I decide I want to go to a bigger weekly package. How do I do that?

To upgrade your package you will need to cancel your current subscription when it is about to expire and then start a new one with the package you are wanting. If you want a package larger than what is offered, email me and we can make arrangements.

What happens when there are not any inserts for a certain week?

On weeks we have no inserts (very few per year) subscribers will not be receiving inserts that week. The Monthly plan pricing is already adjusted for this situation.

I signed up on Tuesday how come I did not get any inserts for the current week?

Our cutoff for new subscribers is 5:00pm on Monday so if you sign up after that then your payment gets applied to the following week.

Disclaimer –

In the event any One particular region is not available due to circumstances beyond our control, We reserve the right to substitute a comparable region for any given week.

All coupons and inserts are FREE.  In addition to expenses I pay, you are paying for my time to locate, sort & ship them to you.
If you have any other questions that I might have missed, please fill out the contact form below and I will answer as best as I can. Thanks