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Customer Service

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Money Saving Tips

Are you after a few extra tips? Look out for non-refundable rates since they are generally cheaper. It might seem like a risky choice but you can make sure you won’t be losing out by comparing the rates to find the best deal.

Do you want to save even more money? Start booking early. When you make your reservation far in advance of your trip, you are more likely to get a great deal. Look for promotions for early birds and take advantage of these offers.

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On the lookout for discounts? See if there are any “last-minute” specials – often times, hotels will offer huge discounts in order to fill out a room that’s not going to be booked by anyone. But remember, these deals don’t last long, so you have to be quick.

Want to save extra money? Check the hotel’s website and compare the prices with You can often find better discounts on the actual hotel’s website. Sometimes, the hotels will offer exclusive discounts for online bookings which cannot be found on any other website.

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