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When you use Hotwire car rental, you get to enjoy the best of the discounts in diverse navigation locations. Be it destination discounts, navigation discounts or seasonal discounts, they exist to help you make your car rental experience cost-efficient. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Not to mention, the more discounts you avail, the more your savings increase.

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Discounts Based on User

Hotwire also has a system of loyalty points which all users can avail. Earn and collect points each time you book a car from Hotwire, and then use your points to unlock discounts and enticing offers. You can also avail priority services and become entitled to even more discounts.

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Discounts Based on Vehicle

Hotwire offers great discounts on vehicle rentals, depending on the type of vehicle you choose. Whether you’re looking for a standard sedan for an individual or a massive SUV for a family, you’ll find the perfect vessel for your journey – with a bonus of saving money with Hotwire discount codes. It’s a win-win!

Have a special car preference? Why worry! Hotwire brings you a wide range of cars from international carmakers. Each car in our line-up holds amazing offers with special discounts that are just a discount code away. Why settle for less when you can rent with the best?

Don’t forget: Hotwire also has special discounts for its premium cars. With special codes, you can get your hands on luxury cars like limousines and cabriolets; all at a fraction of the price. Now that’s a deal you can’t ignore!

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