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Charity Benefits

Where streaming meets giving! Netflix promo codes grant users discounted entertainment, but also give them the chance to contribute to a better cause. With special charity benefits, streaming can do good in more ways than one. As we stream, we support many different causes and make sure to support the planet while also enjoying our favorite shows.

Making a difference while streaming? That’s right! With Netflix, users can make sure to make their purchase count. With purchases, whether small or large, Netflix aims to give back. Select from streaming benefits and charity projects that you can contribute to and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your entertainment dollars are doing good.

Giving back is easy with Netflix. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a great cause each and every time you make a purchase. Enjoy the selection of movies and shows, save big with discounted prices and do good at the same time – sounds like a win-win! See how you can have it all and make a lasting impact with your streaming.

Netflix has one of the greatest selections of movies, series and shows and with the right discounts, coupons and benefits, you can make sure you’re always getting the most bang for your buck. It’s easy to find a promo code and get the most out of your streaming experience – what are you waiting for? Make it happen and enjoy a whole new world of streaming – at discounted prices!