Discount contact lenses Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount

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It’s time to be proactive in finding the best deals. Start by researching stores offering contact lenses to find the best price and use value comparison sites like Cheap Contact Catalogue, who compare hundreds of stores for prices. And of course, keep an eye out for stores offering discount contact lenses coupon codes, promo codes and discounts.

The internet is a great resource for finding bargain discounts and promos from manufacturers, competitors and suppliers. Numerous online stores, such as Ocubelens, lensmart and Visionpros offer discount contact lenses coupons, promo codes and discounts so don’t forget to surf the web in tireless search for the best deals.

Make sure to be aware of product warranties and quality prior to making any purchase. Check out reviews and ratings of the lenses or contact the support and ask around. Some stores like market buying pools which offer the benefit of buying discounted contact lenses in bulk and using coupon codes, while a few others offer custom contact lenses and lenses for specific eye deformities.

Consider time needed for delivery when making your purchase and select shipping and delivery times that you are comfortable with. And if you have your contacts shipped, there’s no harm in adding an extra bottle or case. The same applies to cases for cleansing, as having a backup is always preferable so you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying one again.

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Types of Contacts

When it comes to contacts, there is a huge selection available. Soft contacts vary in terms of materials, water content, thickness and permeability while hard contacts are either rigid or gas permeable. The best contacts for individuals may often depend on the locus of their optical impairment and even the shape of their corneas.

The popular types of contacts sold today include: Extended Wear Contacts, Disposable Contacts, Toric Contacts, Color Contacts and Bifocal Contacts. Extended wear contacts can last for up to a month and can be slept in. Disposable contacts are for one-time use, either for a day up to a month, depending on the type. Toric contacts are for those with astigmatism and can reduce its effects on vision. Color contacts are for those who want to change the color of their eyes while bifocal contacts are usually best for those over 40.

It is best to consult an ophthalmologist prior to selecting contacts. They can also guide on the fitting of the lenses, such as which type would best fit, what is the appropriate size and the type of lens solution to use for specific contacts that are comfortable when used.

Discount Contact Lenses Coupon Codes, Promo Codes & Discounts

When on the lookout for discount contact lenses coupon codes, one should consider promotional websites like RetailMeNot, Groupon and Promo Code Land who offer some of the highest discounts. Some stores also offer special discounts for first-time buyers and email subscribers. Alternatively, one can also sign up for service-specific newsletters, hunt for deals and discounts on brands in the store or wait for their favorite stores to offer Christmas discounts.

The discounts offered can often depend on the items in the basket, such as a bundling package that offers a discount on the purchase of two or more lenses. Additionally, if you are lucky, some stores offer additional discounts when you order and fit contacts as a couple or a family.

Keep in mind to check the expiration date of the coupon to ensure the coupon code and promo code still works. Don’t forget to use the code before the deadline as some codes and promo codes are exclusive, limited-time offers.

Additionally, ensure the promo code is applicable on the lenses that you intend to purchase and whether the contact lenses coupon code is valid for single-use or multiple-use. Lastly, make sure that you compare the price of contact lenses before making a purchase and opt for the lenses that offer maximum value for your money.

Contact Lens Solutions

Contact lenses are made from a variety of materials and types. And as such, require different cleaning and moistening solutions. These solutions contain balanced salt and other special cleansers that help remove any build-up or dirt, while some even contain a lubricant to moisten the contacts and make it easier to open the eyes.

The most common solutions are saline and peroxide. Saline solution is used to rinse the contacts of any build-up or dirt, while peroxide solution requires contact with oxygen and is used to deeply clean and disinfect lenses. Additionally, there are also multi-purpose solutions that contain a bit of both salt and peroxide, while some combination solutions are available with additional cushion and lubricant.

Hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to contact lenses and one should take extra care in cleaning the contact lenses and making sure to clean the contact lens and case with the appropriate solutions. Re-using cases is not advisable and one should get their eyes checked frequently, at least once a year, for any contact lens related issues that can occur due to prolonged use.

Tips for Contact Lens Care

Proper contact lens care is essential for comfortable contact lens use and maintaining healthy eyes. Try to use overnight solutions with high quality, branded solutions that match your lenses. Avoid touching your eyes while using a solution to clean the contact lenses and do not run the contact lenses under the tap.

Additionally, replace your contact lenses cases at least every 90 days and clean the contacts solutions that you use on a weekly basis. When travelling, never ever wet the lenses with saliva and always carry your own solutions. Lastly, when using a two-step routine, use each solution separately and not together as it crystallizes when mixed.

Apart from solutions, one can also use contact lens cleaning wipes to safely clean the contact lenses and remove debris or build-up. However, make sure to not scrub them and rub them gently instead. Lastly, always consult an optician prior to making any significant decisions regarding contact lenses, such as switching to hard lenses, as these decisions can affect your eyesight.

Buying Contacts Online

Today, practically everything can be bought online from groceries to clothes to contacts. And since contact lenses are available over the internet, one should use the same care when selecting them as well as searching for coupon codes and discounts.

Start by selecting the right vendor, check domain name and customer reviews before making a purchase. Read the return policy and check if the website allows customers to buy the same lenses used by them in the past or if they ship lenses that have been tried on by someone else. Additionally, verify if the website accepts insurance and check if they ship the contacts to your country.

Once you make your purchase, keep an eye out for any odd request from the company that you purchase from, such as asking for too much personal information, inappropriate payment methods and the like. Additionally, pay attention to the package that your lenses come in. Some counterfeit products don’t come in the original packaging and instead come in plain boxes or packaging that doesn’t indicate where the product came from.

And lastly, always keep a record of the purchase, including the contact lenses coupon code, promo code and other information related to the purchase, by taking a screenshot or by saving the confirmation email.