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Pumpkin Carving Hacks

Set up your own haunted house this Halloween and make it the best yet with Jack o Lantern World’s carving kits and tools! Make your pumpkin carving process super-quick and easy with our simple hacks. From scooping and scraping to cutting and carving, you’ll find everything you need to get the look you want.

Gather your tools before you begin, from saws to scoopers and large puncturing instruments. Use a sharp knife to cut a lid around the stem of the pumpkin. Make sure your lid is as wide as the stem itself to ensure you don’t end up with a wonky looking vessel. Blades, saws and other blades specific to pumpkin carving make it much easier to cut out patterns and intricate details.

Once you’re ready to get started, preparations are the key to success. Remove any rotten bits before you start on the carving process and keep the insides clean and dry. If you’ve bought a particularly large stone pumpkin you might need a scoop or spoon to hollow it out.

Once you’ve taken out the innards, it’s time to set up your sketches. Start sketching simple patterns and shapes with a hot glue gun. When you’ve got the desired shape planned out, use your carving instruments to carve it out. If you’re looking to cut intricate patterns or jagged edges, use a hot glue gun to outline the shapes on the pumpkin, and then cut it along the line.

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Low-Budget Ideas

Planning a good scare for your family and friends for less? With the help of Jack o Lantern World’s coupon code, you can get the most bang for your buck this Halloween. From decorations to costumes, enjoy low-cost creativity with the selection we offer.

Create your own fun and spooky atmosphere with some DIY props! Recycling junk around the house is an easy way to find something to create with. Try painting old items like tires and wine corks for décor or discovering which parts of old clothes may be used to make something new.

Gore can be created with loads of different materials. Fake blood can be made quickly and easily with corn syrup, water, coffee grounds, food coloring and glycerin. Create floating ghosts with tissue paper, fishing line and a few other materials you might have on hand.

You don’t need an expensive costume to make an entrance this Halloween. Alter cheap clothing and decorate them with accessories you can make yourself. Try creativity and turn old items into new for your family and friends. Make sure to use our Jack o Lantern World Coupon Code to stay within your budget.

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Lights and Fixtures

Lights and fixtures can improve the feel and look of your haunted house this Halloween. Add some bone-chilling ambiance to your exterior and interior decor with our selection of lights, props and fixtures at Jack o Lantern World.

We offer a wide range of lighting for everything from small jack-o-lanterns to large yard decorations. Make your entrance spooky with a large archway made from grates, bones, and creepy crawlies! Create an eerie entrance with some of our Halloween-theme lights paired with fog machines and other decorations.

Bring life to the dead with our moving skeletons and zombie displays! Add motion with our shaking monsters and gruesome guillotines. With Jack o Lantern World’s light fixtures, you’ll be able to accessorize your haunted house with eerie effects.

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Halloween Parties

Make this Halloween the one everyone remembers and throw the ultimate soiree with Jack o Lantern World! Shop with us and get all you need and more to make your party a hit with style and scares. Plus, our exclusive coupon lets you save big on your shopping.

With our selection of party supplies and décor, you can easily create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. Our website features all manner of creepy crawly décor to turn your house into a scary scene. Bring the boo factor with our huge collection of lanterns, lights, props and more.

Don’t forget to add some motion to your scene with some of our moving decorations. From malfunctioning robots and mad scientists to animatronics and more, you’ll love our range of movement-driven items. Let your party take life with our selection of truly ghastly decorations.

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Halloween Treats & Goodies

Finish off your Halloween celebration with some tasty treats and spooky sweets from Jack o Lantern World! We’ve got organic and non-organic goodies to cater to any dietary needs and allergies. Plus, with our coupons, you can enjoy a smaller price tag on all your Halloween treats.

Delight your family and friends with our range of tasty Halloween treats. From Halloween-themed marshmallow pops and slime gummies to ghoulish lollipops, you can find all kinds of treats that will please everyone’s sweet tooth. Plus, our organic treats will let you enjoy your sweets without any nasty chemicals.

Chocolate fans don’t need to miss out on the fun either! Everyone loves a good old-fashioned chocolate pumpkin and our selection includes some of the most incredible themed treats. For something truly unique, check out our skeleton-shaped candies and cookies.

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