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Caring for Your New Balance

New Balance products are some of the most solid on the market, and with proper care, you can ensure them lasting for a long time! With the most delicate New Balance items, make sure to use a specific cleaning solution and to never put them in the washing machine. Most of the time, the instructions are on the label. When it comes to sneakers and sportswear, specific washing instructions may vary. It’s always advisable to do some research beforehand.

With running shoes, ventilation should also be taken into account. After an intense workout, allow your shoes to air out before you put them away in their cubes, otherwise fungus, bacterial growth, and bad odour may arise. Put on a deodorising powder or simply leave to dry in a shady spot. Likewise, it’s important to apply leather care cream periodically to keep your leather items in the best condition while adding a new layer of protection.

To make your New Balance items’ lives a bit longer and their colours more vibrant, it’s always better to take the extra step of care. Moreover, for the case of something more specific, New Balance puts at your disposal help pages, tutorials and FAQs provisions to help you through.

Availability of New Balance

No matter where you live, New Balance products are available in over 80 countries, both online and in-store. Classic designs such as the New Balance 990 and 574 can be bought online or in physical stores. As for flagship stores, the company has almost 1000 stores present in its reach. In the United States, Europe, and the Far-east, New Balance has its own design, production, and marketing facilities.

In the United States alone, stores are located in many major cities, with more than 5000 retailers selling New Balance products. Even if you live in remote areas, you can still access both New Balance stores and retailers. Due to the abundance of stores, you never have to worry about finding a showcase of your favourite New Balance costumised versions. Search for local stores or take a pleasant drive and check the availability of New Balance products.

For people who prefer the comfort of home, you can purchase your desired New Balance products from all the major ecommerce websites. Browse their collection and find store locator pages to find the store closest to you. In addition to product availability, New Balance has detailed product descriptions and guides that you can easily access.

New Balance after-sales service

One of the best services that New Balance offers are its after-sales service. They provide a quick and easy exchange and return policy which allows the customers to shop with ease. Consumers can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase, or exchange products within 90 days. All returns are processed within 7 days and a store credit team member contacts you to proceed further with the process.

The online consumer service page is easy to use, as it includes all necessary details and also answers all consumer related queries. They also have a live chat available, which can be used for instant communication with the consumer care team, for any questions or return requests. With New balance, consumer service is always a priority.

New Balance Brand Advocacy

New Balance is not only about the products, but it is also about the people behind them and their mission. With New Balance brand ambassador and influencers all around the world, the company is actively promoting sustainable practices, environmental consciousness, and corporate responsibility. The company’s commitment to reducing their environmental imprint has made them stand out from other brands.

New Balance champions a healthy lifestyle, promotes diversity and supports communities. Through their design, they continue to inspire and support people to live better. They have pledged to reduce their waste and carbon emissions, promote healthy products and nourish communities through their actions and commitment. They also have campaigns and collaborations with various influencers and athletes that continue to spread their message, contributing to their advocacy.

New Balance is a brand to trust, as they are constantly striving to create meaningful products and promote inspirational causes and stories. With their wide range of products, people of all ages can find something that best suits their needs. New Balance is sure to help you experience the best quality at an unbeatable price.