Old.navy Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount

Old Navy is an iconic retailer for clothing for the entire family. Their fashion-forward and comfy styles have become staples in everyone’s wardrobe. With an annual turnover of more than $7 billion, Old Navy are clearly doing something right. However, finding ways to save when shopping with them can often be tricky. That is why savvy shoppers take advantage of the various Old Navy coupon code, promo code or discount offered by the retailer.

Shopping with Old Navy coupon code, promo code or discount makes perfect sense to stretching your hard-earned dollars. The greatest tip shoppers can keep in mind is to find coupon and promo codes online before shopping. Investing a few minutes to search online will almost always save you money. Old Navy know that customers have countless choices when it comes to fashion and they’re always keen to offer incentives to make them go the Old Navy way.

Old Navy coupon codes are also available via their email newsletter. This is a great way to receive the very best offers and updates about upcoming sales, as well gotta-have-now styles. Old Navy will also email you new coupon codes as soon as they become available which makes it easy to not miss out on any discounts.

It’s often worth looking out for special sales at Old Navy too. For example, special times of the year such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July often feature large discounts on entire purchases through Old Navy coupon codes and promo codes. So always be keep an eye open for upcoming sales too, as this can be a great complement to any coupon codes.

Shopping with an Old Navy coupon or promo code also works well in combination with their exclusive offers. For example, the store currently offers free shipping on all orders above $50 which can be combined with any promo code or coupon code. In this way shoppers can save even more.

Old Navy also have a dedicated sale section online where you can find fashion items marked down to incredibly low sizes. Hence, it’s always worth taking a couple of minutes to look through this section to see what’s on offer. One can find some great discounts just from spending a few minutes searching.

Gift Cards & Credit Promotions

Old Navy frequently offer promotions that come with an additional bonus in the form of a gift card. As an example, a customer can save 30% on their entire purchase, and also receive an Old Navy gift card worth an additional $10 with their order.

Their credit card promotions are also superb value. For instance, special offers are available for members using Old Navy credit cards, such as no interest for the entire year if a customer pays off the entire balance.

The store also offers periodic credit promotions where customers get additional discounts with the store’s brand credit card. If you plan on being a repeat customer, it can pay off to take advantage of these promotions.

Finally, cashback websites are a great way for shoppers to save money when using Old Navy. With a cashback incentive, customers can often get discounts up to 8%, through services like Ebates.com. This makes it all the easier for customers to save money, reduce their bills and get the best value for their money.

Old Navy Rewards program

Old Navy offer a rewards program called Old Navy Rewards where shoppers can save even more on their orders thanks to exclusive bonuses and incentives. All customers need to do is to sign up for free with the store and participate in exclusive discounts, rewards, and offers.

One of the most obvious benefits of the rewards program is exclusive access tosavings from storewide discount coupons. These generally range from discounts of 10-20%. Shoppers will also get regular notices about upcoming sales and special offers.

The Old Navy rewards program also includes special offers and incentives for shopping with Old Navy credit cards. Usually this includes special discounts for using their credit cards for special events, for example, on Black Friday.

Furthermore, Old Navy offers customers a special deal on their email birthday. Along with a coupon, customers will receive special rewards for their loyalty.

For an additional bonus, rewards members will be notified of special access-only events where they can win rewards, discounts, vouchers and points. Rewards points can then be redeemed on future purchases at Old Navy stores.

Old Navy Mobile App

The Old Navy mobile app makes it easier than ever before to save money when shopping with this iconic retailer. With the app customers can getexclusive coupons and discounts right on their mobile device and redeem then at the store. In this way, you can save money on the fly.

The app also allows users to manage their Old Navy credit cards and access other information about their Card, such as payments and balance.

In addition, the store offers exclusive offers for the app like the Snap & Save offer. Here you can save 20% on any purchase with a simple snap of your phone. It’s certainly worth checking out.

Finally, the app makes it easier to keep track of your Rewards points and helps you on your way to redeeming them for special discounts and offers.

Shipping and Returns

Old Navy offer free shipping on all orders above $50 and usually charge a flat delivery rate of $7 for orders below $50. Their popular Ship To Store service is an excellent way to save on shipping, as customers can have the order sent directly to their local store and then pick up their item free of charge.

The store also offers free returns and exchanges, so customers can rest assured that if they’re not fully satisfied with their purchase they can easily exchange or return with no fuss.

Furthermore, the store also have a dedicated outlet section online where customers can find huge discounts on fashion items. These are often outdated styles marked down to prices way below the manufacturers recommended price.


Old Navy offers a wide selection of stylish clothing for the entire family year round. From their annual turnover of more than $7 billion, it’s obvious Old Navy are an iconic fashion favorite for many shoppers. Nonetheless, shopping with Old Navy can often be expensive. Fortunately, there are various ways shoppers can save when shopping within the store.

Shoppers can take advantage of Old Navy coupon codes and promo codes to get additional savings plus they can save with their exclusive offers and cashback websites. The store also have a dedicated rewards program with exclusive discounts, rewards and offers. Furthermore, the store’s mobile app offers exclusive discounts which can be used when shopping with Old Navy.

What’s more, Old Navy will often discounts for using their credit cards for special events such as Black Friday, plus offer promotions that come with a gift card. The store also offers free shipping and returns plus a dedicated sale section where it’s worth taking a couple of minutes to look through.