Safelite Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discounts

Are you looking to make your next car repair or service appointment more cost-effective? Look no further than Safelite, the national leader in auto glass repair and replacement. Safelite has a wide range of coupons, promo codes, and discounts that can help you save big before you even book your appointment. Let’s explore the latest Safelite coupon codes and discounts available for you to take advantage of this year.

Coupon Codes

Safelite has a range of coupons you can redeem during your online booking to get a great deal. These discounts typically range from 10-20% off the cost of your service, depending on the coupon. Make sure to check Safelite’s website before you book for the latest coupons.

Promo Codes

Safelite also offers periodic promo codes that you can use when you book your appointment at a participating location. These are typically short-term promotions and can yield great savings, so make sure to check Safelite’s website frequently.


In addition to coupon and promo codes, Safelite often offers discounts throughout the year. These discounts can range from a set dollar amount or percentage off your service, up to certain caps. Keep in mind, these discounts are typically only good at Safelite locations that accept them, so make sure you check before you book.

Bundle Deals

Looking for even more ways to save? Safelite often runs bundle deals where you can combine more than one service, like a repair and replacement, and save. Check Safelite’s website for the latest bundle deals.

Senior and Military Discounts

Safelite is proud to offer discounts to senior citizens and military personnel. Senior discounts typically range from 10-15% off the cost of your service, while military discounts are typically 15-20% off, depending on service and location. So, if you’re a senior or a veteran, you could be saving big.

Recommended Discounts and Deals

The best way to keep current of the latest Safelite coupon codes, promo codes, discounts, and deals is by signing up for Safelite’s mailing list. You’ll receive all the latest news on discounts and special offers, straight to your inbox. Additionally, you can save even more when you opt for roadside assistance through Safelite. That way, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal, each and every time.

Promotion Deals

Safelite also has promotional deals that you can take advantage of through their corporate partners, including auto dealerships, auto parts stores, and more. These deals can range from discounts off a service or a free windshield repair. Be sure to ask when you book your appointment to determine if your local auto service center offers promotional deals.

Mobile App Discounts

Finally, be sure to take advantage of the Safelite mobile app if you’re looking for an easy way to find the best deals. The app is free to download, and it’s full of discounts and offers that you can use whenever you book an appointment. Don’t forget to check the app for exclusive deals before you book your next service appointment.