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Types of Scrapbooking Supplies

Scrapbooking comes with a varied selection of materials to make a craft. With the right supplies and supplies that have a sale price at Scrapbook, it can make your project easier to craft. Get top-of-the-line scrapbooking kits, albums and accessories to start your scrapbook journey.

In order to make the most personalized and professional-looking scrapbook, tools and embellishments are key. Tools of all types make scrapbooking quicker and easier. Get punches, scissors, stencils, adhesives and more to start your project in style. Embellishments are great for adding texture and layering; from stickers and ribbon to stamps and rub-ons, you can easily customize with tool and embellishments to get a ‘borrowed from a store’ look, with the added flair of specialized elements.

Graphic design materials can be found at Scrapbook, too. Master a color scheme with paints and chalks then switch up the design with acrylics, brads and buttons. Choose scrapbook pages and protect your crafts with page refills and album protectors to shine a light on you and your project.

Scrapbooking Resources

Learning various scraping techniques and understanding the art and process of scrapbooking is important to get a quality product. Scrapbook has plenty of video tutorials, written articles and helpful resources to help you along your crafting journey.

Scrapbooking for beginners is an easy group of resources that help with the basics like picks of the week to showcase pages and helpful tips and tricks. Get extra guidance with the hybrid scrapping tutorials and explore ways to turn your photos into amazing customized products.

For more experienced scrapbookers, a wealth of resources can be found. Scrapbook’s resources feature plenty of digital cutting tutorials, hybrid cons and more to help you understand the process and get the most out of your crafting journey. Tips and tricks from the pros also help with the process and save time.

Scrapbook Classes & Conventions

There are plenty of opportunities to learn scrapbooking techniques in person. In-person classes range from an hour-long class to multiple-day workshops. Wherever level you are at, you’ll find an event suitable for you.

Gain inspiration and knowledge from conventions like the Inspire! Creative Art & Clothing Studio, the Digital Scrapbooking Convention and the Scrapbook Expo. If you are looking for more instruction-focused events, attend classes hosted by popular stores like Michaels or Joann Fabrics.

For those not looking to host, but still get involved in a larger scale event, Virtual Scrapbook Conventions happen all over the world. These conventions bring passionate scrapbookers of all levels together in the digital platform to exchange ideas, learn the newest techniques, get inspired and take part in different workshops by regional and international designers.

Scrapbook Tips & Techniques

Creating a scrapbook that stands out in the creative crowd can be daunting. Scrapbook provides a variety of resources from basic to advanced techniques. Start with the basics like layering and color theory. Developing balance with colors and design will add a professional vibe to your work. Experiment with more abstract and intricate touches to give your project a personalized touch.

Typography and fonts can also help draw in the eyes of the viewer. Taglines, titles and phrases add another layer of emotion and spice to the craft. Variety is especially important when it comes to the font; browse through different options and choose the best one for your project.

If you need help creating a themed or personalized scrapbooking page, try an online service. Services like Keepsake Crafted Photographs and Printique will help you develop a page that speaks to your style and bring your ideas to life.